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1901 Newport Boulevard, Suite 350 Costa Mesa, California 92627


“Sam made what one would call ‘ugly process’ go smooth. He was great in giving fair advice and recommendations to help my wife and I get through this and avoid the legal headache of the court process. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a divorce mediator!” – Darin M.

“Sam is a great divorce mediator.   The first time I spoke with him was many years ago when we came close to filing but decided to give it a second chance.  He was very patient and understanding that we may want to work it out.   A few years later we decided that it was enough to just move on and file for divorce.   Same guided us through the divorce mediation without taking anyone’s side.   He was fair and extremely patient, considering the personalities he was dealing with.  Thanks again Sam for everything!” – Ngim L.

“Very pleased with my divorce mediation experience with Sam. He is very professional, he provided timely responses to all my inquiries and his prices were very fair. Highly Recommended !” – Cynthia M.

“Sam is such a great and wonderful divorce mediator throughout my entire 9-month divorce process full with challenges at both emotional and financial sides. He has always been incredibly patient with me and my ex-wife and actually the key element to hold onto both sides to make things keep moving forward. I do want to sincerely recommend him with my all due appreciation and respect for both his work and his kindness for all his future clients.” – Yuan Y.

“I was referred to Sam by a counselor at my Church. He handled our awkward situation very professionally and objectively. Sam is an excellent listener, which makes him an outstanding divorce mediator. I would highly recommend Sam’s expertise. Thanks, Sam !” – Val A.

“Sam’s divorce mediation made a difficult process much easier. We had a real challenge where we needed to get our house refinanced. There was a chicken and an egg problem that could have forced the house to go to sale. Sam came up with a way to solve the problem and save the house.” – Steve K.

“Sam Anderson delivered everything he promised at an exceptionally fair price. Very professional, I would recommend Sam to friends and family in need of divorce mediation!” Keith N.

“Even though three years have passed, Sam helped me find information that made my life easier in locating documents that I had misplaced. He was more than helpful at the time of our proceedings with bringing the outcome of our divorce mediation to peaceful ending, and now with this, even though it was to no advantage to himself. He is a great divorce mediator and person, I would recommend him to anyone who needs a saint to help through a stressful time.” – Raymond G.

“In this day and age, it is extremely difficult to find an honest, smart and compassionate attorney. Someone who cares and gives great advice for “you” not to milk you for the money but direct “you” for what is best for “you”. Sam, I like to thank you for being a great attorney and awesome person to work with.” – Ramin H.

“Sam did an excellent job of divorce mediation between my ex and myself. He was very fair to us both and very very patient and understanding. Thank you Sam for making a painful situation as painless as possible!!” – Chris W.

“Sam listened to both my wife and I and gave very sound advice. I appreciate his even nature and perspective. Highly recommended divorce mediator.” – Todd L.

“Sam Anderson’s compassion, knowledge, and experience was a tremendous asset that enabled us to move through the legal process efficiently. I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of a trustworthy divorce mediator. ” – Eve R.

“I do not know many divorce mediators , but I know we did choose the right mediator to help us. You were a pleasure to work with!” – Lory M.

“Sam is extremely patient and thorough. I was impressed with his demeanor and ability to handle the high tension during the mediation proceedings. His calmness is contagious, and he knew how to put the brakes on discussions that weren’t productive. Even though not on great terms, Sam helped me and my ex to achieve a settlement saving both of us tens of thousands of dollars, had we gone the traditional route. Toward the end of the process, the courts made a paperwork error and Sam handled it with grace and got it fixed. I can give Sam my highest recommendation. Thanks Sam.” – Benjamin M.