List of Books Useful for Participants in a Mediated Divorce: 
Collins Elaine Successful Child Centered Divorce
Aiello Laura Divorce is a Push Up: Get Strong to Get Through
Ahrons  Constance  The Good Divorce
Blades Joan The Divorce Book with Matthew McKay and Peter Rogers
Blau Melinda Families Apart
Blumberg Grace Ganz Community Property Law in California
Butler Carol A. The Divorce Mediation Answer Book with Dolores Dean Walker
Chance Clifford Estate Planning Basics
Clapp Genevieve Divorce and New Beginnings
Corcoran Judy Joint Custody With a Jerk with Julie A. Ross
Coullahan Joan Financial Custody with Sue van der Linden
Doskow Emily How to Change Your Name in California with Lisa Sedano
Doskow Emily Making it Legal with Frederick Hertz
Gardner Richard A. The Parents Book About Divorce
Garrity Carla Through the Eyes of Children with Karen Bruenig and Mitchell A. Baris
Bienefeld  Florence  Helping Your Child Succeed After Divorce
Gold  Lois  Between Love and Hate
Haman  Edward  File for Divorce in California with J. Talama,
James Paula  The Divorce Mediation Handbook
Margulies Sam Getting Divorced Without Ruining Your Life
Miller George H. California Real Estate Appraisal
Morris Kenneth M. Guide to Understanding Money and Investing with Virignia B. Morris
Newmark Amy Divorce and Recovery with Jack Canfield, Mark Hansen and Patty Hansen
Philips Susan Stepchildren Speak
Reilly Robert F. Valuing a Business with Robert P. Schweiths and Shannon P. Pratt
Ricci Isolina Mom’s House, Dad’s House
Stoner Katherine E. Divorce Without Court
Thomas Shirley Parents Are Forever
Vaughn Diane Uncoupling


For Children:
Brown Laurence Dinosaurs Divorce with Marc Brown
Danziger Paula The Divorce Express
Masurel Claire Two Homes
Moore Jennifer When My Parents Forgot How To Be Friends
Ricci Isolina Mom’s House, Dad’s House for Kids
Spelman Cornelia Mama and Daddy Bear’s Divorce

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June 10, 2017