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Why choose Orange County Family Mediation? OCFM provides a respectful, less antagonistic, and less expensive way to move forward in a safe environment. Lines of communication are kept open for continued co-parenting. We are able to complete all necessary filings so that neither our clients, nor their children, ever need to appear in court.

Orange County Family Mediation will help resolve your issues quickly and efficiently. Our divorce mediators focus on finding points of agreement, rather than points of contention. A mediated divorce is generally subject to less conflict – certainly, fewer court procedures – so that a divorce can be finalized more quickly.

Mediating with Orange County Family Mediation focuses on reducing tension in a safe environment.  With the help of the mediator, couples negotiate their own settlement and learn the techniques for resolving future differences. Interaction between the couple is managed by an experienced mediator, trained to direct discussions toward productive solution-seeking paths.

OCFM values your privacy. Your privacy is of utmost importance at Orange County Family Mediation. All discussions are kept strictly confidential.




















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“Sam did an excellent job of divorce mediation between my ex and myself.  He was very fair to us both and very very patient and understanding. Thank you Sam for making a painful situation as painless as possible!!” – Chris W.

“Sam is a great divorce mediator. He helped me and my ex through a very difficult time. We did not agree on much and at times it got a little heated. Sam stayed calm and always helped achieve what we came in there to do. The end result was wonderful. He always answered phone calls, emails quickly and was always so friendly and helpful. He never ever took one persons side. I have already recommended him to two friends of mine and will do so in the future. If your looking for a great divorce mediator Sam is your man.  Oh and he also met me at a location that was close to me to sign papers. He always made it convenient for me.” – Lindsey J. 

“Sam made what one would call  ‘ugly process’ go smooth.  He was great in giving fair advice and recommendations to help my wife and I get through this and avoid the legal headache of the court process. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a divorce mediator!” – Darin M. 

“Sam is amazing – a true breathe of fresh air.  He gave me amazing information that helped us make the right decision.  He spent 45 minutes on the phone and took the time to outline the process of divorce mediation. He is as good as it gets and is just a stand up guy.  You hardly ever experience service like this anymore. Thanks again.” – Jesse S. 

“Sam Anderson’s compassion, knowledge, and experience was a tremendous asset that enabled us to move through the legal process efficiently.   I would highly recommend his services to anyone in need of a trustworthy divorce mediator. ” – Eve R.

“Sam provided a positive mediation experience and an easy transition for a not so easy experience to go thru! I would recommend Sam to anyone wanting a less stressful way to proceed thru a divorce.” – Ron W. 

“Sam listened to both my wife and I and gave very sound advice. I appreciate his even nature and perspective. Highly recommended divorce mediator.” – Todd L.

“I spoke to Sam Anderson over the phone before our initial meeting and, right away, I felt more at ease.  He assured me about some concerns that I had going into the process.  Even though it had been 4 years since the divorce, emotions were high in both of the meetings.  Sam was extremely professional, caring, and helpful walking us through the painful steps of modification.  If I ever needed a divorce mediator again, I would definitely hire Sam Anderson.” – Shannon B.

“Sam was very professional and helpful.  He was very patient throughout the whole divorce mediation process and explained things in a way that was easily understood.  He was also very fair in his dealings with myself and my ex. I would highly recommend Sam for those going through this trying period in their life.”  – Rob J.

“Sam was very helpful assisting my ex-wife and I through our divorce. He was professional, remained neutral, provided guidance and ensured that nothing was overlooked. I would recommend his services to anyone that is looking for a mediator. ” – Alex D.

“Sam mediated my ex’s and my divorce and and did so knowledgeably, thoroughly and patiently. He looked out for both our interests equally, making sure we’d each considered everything in our agreement. He’s a great guy, likable and when I offered him a few more hours’ worth of payment for the additional time he spent coaxing us through, he turned it down. If you’re at the end of your marriage and seeking help getting through the process, I can’t recommend Sam highly enough.” – Bob M.

“I was referred to Sam by a counselor at my Church.  He handled our awkward situation very professionally and objectively.  Sam is an excellent listener, which makes him an outstanding divorce mediator.  I would highly recommend Sam’s expertise. Thanks, Sam !” – Val A.

“Not only did Sam make the whole process as painless as possible, but he gave calm, reasonable advice that allowed us to make the best decisions for ourselves and our children.  I have contacted Sam no less than three times after our divorce was final with questions.  Each time he responded quickly and went out of his way to help me resolve and understand the issues.  I highly recommend Sam to anyone who finds themselves in need of a great divorce mediator. ” – Christine M.





















































































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